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Hardtail are a 4 piece rock band from the Northwest of England, Formed late in 2010 after performing together in their previous band. After a quick discussion, they decided that hardtail would be bigger, better and heavier, and so set forth writing new rocking material.

We find that many different rock bands influence us, and this in turn has a direct impact on the music we create. It has been said (believe it or not) that the contents of our IPods resemble your average sock draw. A bit of every kind of rock that doesn't quite seem to match up, but it makes perfect sense to us! As our own songs are borne from our passion of diversity in music, it has to be said that the roots of our musical foundations lie firmly in rock.

After performing their first gig in January 2011, Hardtail are now playing all over the Northwest bringing heavy rock to the masses!

Hailing from Manchester UK, Hardtail are a Hard Rock band rising from the ashes of the local Metal Core scene, with a fresh new attitude to making music. Their influences are mixed, varying from Metallica to Alterbridge, from Down to Foo Fighters, and whilst each song is totally original, they sound like every great song you've ever heard.

Ben Harrison fronts the band, with Adam Luckman on Lead Guitar, Ben Dixon on Bass and Luke Harris on Drums.

The album 'Dirty Tricks' is mixed bag of songs, with no nonsense rock songs followed by soaring metal tracks. The title track Dirty Tricks is a risqué song about the ultimate sin; having sex and liking it.

The rest of the album covers varying subjects, from domestic violence, war, mortality and mental health. All topics that may be considered taboo by some, but Hardtail think there should be nothing people can't talk about.

Hitting up venues and festivals like Hard Rock Cafe and Festwich, Hardtail are set to have an even bigger and better year next year, with another new album, plenty of merchandise and video content, and most importantly, more gigs.

Check out Hardtail online, or the next time they play in your area, you won't regret it!


Name: Ben Harrison
Instrument: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Gear: Jackson Kelly + Peavy 120W 3120 Head + Peavy JSX Cab

Name: Adam Luckman
Instrument: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Gear: PRS Tremonti Signature + Laney Ironheart 120W Head + Laney 4x12 Cab

Name: Ben Dixon
Instrument: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Gear: Dean Edge APJ Skull Crusher + Hartke 120W Bass Amp

Name: Luke Harris
Instrument: Drums
Gear: Premier Spirit of Maiden Kit

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